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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ready-To-MowTM?

Preventative maintenance reduced to its simplest form. You call, we come. All the work is done at your home by an RDO Equipment Co. staff member. The 12-point inspection service will be performed on your riding lawnmower or walk behind mower. Your mower will run better and last longer. It protects the equipment’s value and your investment.

What does Ready-To-MowTM offer?

Ready-To-MowTM service is convenient. No more searching to for the right tool to get the job done or hauling your mower to a service center. A Ready-To-MowTM technician will come to your home in a specially designed trailer.

There is no mess with Ready-To-MowTM service. The trailer is outfitted with a lift, an oil vacuum system, and a blade grinder. The design of the trailer allows the technician to perform the maintenance inside the trailer, so there is no mess on your driveway or in your yard.

What is included in Ready-To-MowTM service?

The professional 14-Point Inspection Service is for walk-behinds or lawn tractors. Call 1-888-RDO-MOWS for other products that may be serviced through Ready-To-MowTM.

  1. Check/tighten hardware
  2. Check safety systems*
  3. Check hydraulic filter*
  4. Change engine & oil filter*
  5. Change spark plugs*
  6. Change air filter & precleaner
  7. Change fuel filter
  8. Check engine coolant
  9. Clean engine, battery, radiator & mower*
  10. Check tire pressure & check mower deck level
  11. Lubricate tractor and mower
  12. Sharpen mower blades
  13. Check belts & mower adjustments
  14. Check transmission oil & filter*

* when applicable

What are the advantages of maintaining my lawnmower?

Regular maintenance is important for the safety and performance of your lawn equipment. There are benefits for your lawn as well. Many lawn problems result from dull or poorly balanced mower blades that can shred grass, leaving it susceptible to fungus, disease, and infestation. Regular maintenance can help keep your lawn healthy by keeping your mower blades sharp and in balance. Both ensure a clean, even cut.

How much does the Ready-To-MowTM program cost?

$ 89.95 Walk Behind mowers
$ 159.95 Riding Lawn mowers
$ 189.95 Garden Tractors and Zero Turn machines

Who can I contact?

LuAnn McDougall at 701.526.2200 or